15 Woodthorpe Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 6EE
If you have Talent, then you will
have the chance to Learn
Let you talent flourish
The Academy will train and teach students
The true values of playback Singing.
The Mehboob Chohan Music Academy was especially established to develop, train and guide the next generation of singers.
The Academy offers training in South Asian singing, covering a wide range of styles from classical to modern film playblack. All types of songs are covered in the extensive training on offer.
  Geet Ghazal
The Acacemy offers a hands-on approach to singing with numerous concerts and sessions offering students the opportunity to participate.
The Academy also strives to promote the musical legacy of the late Mohammed Rafi, with regular concerts celebrating his great talent.
If you are interested in learning to sing with a professional tutor, or to play a musical instrument, or to improve your vocal talents or you'd just like to listen to live singing in a warm and friendly atmosphere - then you're most welcome to join us at
The Mehboob Chohan Music Academy
15 Woodthorpe Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 6EE
God respects me when I work; but God loves me when I sing.
Rabindranath Tagore
As long as we live, there is never enough singing.
Martin Luther
I don't sing because I am happy; I'm happy because I sing.
William James
The singing that comes from your heart will echo in the ear of your son and live on in your people.
The Dausi, Soninke
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