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Welcome to the Mehboob Chohan Biography Page.

Mehboob Chohan was born in Pakistan and migrated to the United Kingdom at a young age.

He had a very strong interest in music, especially singing, which he pursued enthusiastically through his teenage years.
It was an encounter with the great Indian playback singer Mohammed Rafi that changed the course of Mehboob Chohan's life.

Rafi Saab was on a tour of England when, at a gathering, someone pointed out that Mehboob enjoyed singing and had a good voice.

Rafi Saab was intrigued and asked the young man to sing for him. Rafi Saab cleared the table and tapped a beat on the table whilst the young Mehboob sang. Raf iSaab was greatly impressed with quality of Mehboob's singing and praised him highly.

Encouraged by RafiSaab, Mehboob Chohan migrated to Pakistan (1968-69) to receive musical education from Ustad Chote Guhlaam Ali Khan. During the production of the film KASOOR GHARANA Mehboob was taught the fundementals of playback singing.
To further master his craft Mehboob Chohan went to Bombay in India (1968-74) to enhance his singing under the guidance of of Ustad khan Abdul Rahman Khan and with the advice and support of the legendary playback singer Mohammed Rafi. During this time he was mentored by the great Musical Directors of Indian cinema SHANKER JAIKISHEN.
Mehboob left Bombay and developed his musical talents by alternating between recording in England and film production in Pakistan.
1974-86 UK
Regularly singing for BBC Pebble Mill Asian programme East & West.
Participated in Queens Silver Jubilee Events (Singer & composer).
1974-79 Pakistan
Pakistani film KALA DHUNDAA GORE LOOG - Producer, Musical Director & Playback Singer.
1988 Pakistan
Pakistani film PAIGHAM - Producer, Musical Director, Lyrcist & Playback Singer.
1996 Pakistan
Pakistani film JAWAAN WHOEY BADNAAM - Producer, Director & Playback Singer.
1996 - Present UK
Producing, Directing and Playback Singing for numerous films, both Indian & Pakistani, and recording audio cassettes.
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